What to eat with kids in France

Farm to Table french cover.inddFrench cuisine is without doubt one of the most popular in the world and a reason in itself to travel to France. It can be simple and tasty based on fresh local produce or sophisticated and fancy devised by Michelin-starred chefs and patissiers. Either way it’s certain to create memorable meals you’ll speak about long after you’ve returned home.

Families traveling with kids to France might have some concerns: will you be served frog legs and snails everywhere they go? Will the little ones have to drink wine to fit in with the locals? Is there such a thing as vegetarian offering? And more worryingly, how will you order without speaking a word of French? In her user-friendly, informative, and entertaining book, “The Farm to Table French Phrasebook,” French native who’s lived in California Victoria Mas tackles all these usual questions and much more. It’s a great tool to get acquainted with French cuisine’s specificities, learn the most useful phrases to order and buy food, and know your “éclair” from your “religieuse” (both emblematic French patisseries) among other foodstuff you and the kids will enjoy sampling during your French vacation.

MiniTime.com full article here.

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